My name is Russ and I developed the SPINTRAY™ to allow me to work while I ride. Sometimes I need to put the PR quest aside, find a scenic ride and work on my side hustle. I didn’t want to choose between exercise and work. I wanted both and the SPINTRAY™ was born.

See it in Action

Standard Display

Your usual display is perfect for those active work-outs where you're pressing yourself to go above and beyond.

SPINTRAY™ add-on

The SPINTRAY™ adds additional functionality to your bike, giving you more opportunity to fit in exercise.

SPINTRAY™ in use

With the SPINTRAY™ you can elevate your down time and work-out, while you work, read, or play games.

Recent Reviews

Bill S.02/16/2020
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"This item is fantastic. Great job and family operation is even cooler. Highly recommend."
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"Money well spent! This arrived packaged super securely and no risk of scratches. It is quick and easy to put on and take off of my bike. I love that I could do runs and climbs both in/out of the saddle without bumping into or hitting the tray. I’m almost 6 ft. y’all so that was a worry of mine! There isn’t a single thing I’d change about the design. Works perfectly and it’s very aesthetically pleasing on my bike! #1girl5solas ;)" I typically will do the “just ride” for a while. Then throw in an intense 10 minute climb to switch it up (and see my favorite instructors) and then ride and work some more."
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"Ordered this weeks ago and so thankful I did. I’ve had multiple offsites that have become 8 hour virtual meetings. It has been such a relief to be able to still work and have some activity. Very well made product."
Danielle Taylor Browning01/22/2020
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"Just got mine and I LOVE it! Genius! Thanks for making Peloton even more amazing!"
Gina Verdoni01/20/2020
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"Total Game Changer - and the note that came with it. Now that makes it worth every single penny!"
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